Welcome to Nomad Ocean, sharing experience of the marine world with you.

we offer the opportunity to join us for an adventure of a life time.

Our values

“Love, Peace, and Harmony through a shared awareness of the sea”

“We speak your language of going forward, learning and experiencing the natural world.”

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We are passionate about the ocean.

We offer unique opportunity to share the ocean. Sharing the world from a different perspective that only can be achieved from the sea. We Believe in a journey that go forwards, so we try to avoid doing things twice. We go point to point and chart a pathway that is different.

The wellbeing experience can be:

  • Meditating and Yoga on an empty beach
  • Snorkelling a remote reef
  • Exploring a desserted bay
  • camping on an un-inhabited island
  • Eating from the bounty of the sea

The waters of the North East coast of New Zealand are some of the most productive environments on the planet, we cruise from bay of plenty to the bay of islands and explore everywhere in between.

Come Sail With Us 

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For your experience of a south pacific dream

We go on multi-day adventures, Overnight experiences and can do a day sail to an island or two.

Send us a smoke signal, we will come and get you